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The Final Countdown: Election Day 2009

Today, the many members of the Mayor’s Youth Leadership Institute went to the polls to select the next Youth Mayor of the District of Columbia. Before, the two candidates made speeches, a last shot to plea to the voters. Below, is Markus’ speech.

Today is the day. This campaign has spent many weeks and countless hours campaigning for your votes and getting to know all of you, your needs and your concerns. 

Now it is up to you. On this day, in this hour, you will lead the way in decisively electing the next Youth Mayor of the District of Columbia.

We are all very privileged here in the Mayor’s Youth Leadership Institute to get the distinct opportunity to take a leading role in this city. The leaders of tomorrow, taking action and making change today. That is what it is all about.

The selection of a qualified, competent, committed and more importantly-innovative Youth Mayor is one of the many responsibilities and roles we have to ensure that the issues we face can be properly tackled and the ideas we have can be turned into actuality.

A Youth Mayor that has new ways of looking at situations, new ways of looking at problems and finding new ways to obtain a positive solution. And we have the obligation to choose that person.

The past five weeks has been about showing you that I am that person. That the old ideas that have been tried and re-tried over and over are not going to work, that we can find a new way and that we can guarantee positive outcomes.

One year is not a lot of time for one person to make moves, inspire action and make change. But I believe that if I am elected the 52nd Youth Mayor of the District of Columbia today that we can work together, as a strong community of future leaders, a group that knows all too well what it is like to be ignored, downtrodden, unappreciated, underestimated. But a community that also knows with the right inspiration, the proper resources and the right leader, we can move forward, we can take action, we can make change, we can guarantee a better future, we can get what we need, eliminate what we don’t and make Washington a better city for all of us.

That is our responsibility today, that is our sacred duty. This is more than some small election. This is a chance to grasp the responsibilities that we deserve, take the action that we have delayed for so long, make up for lost time and tell the city that has hidden us in the shadows for so long that we love this city just as you do, we face the same problems as you do, we want to inspire reform and make this great city what it should be.

 I believe we can do this together. All you have to do today is mark Markus Batchelor on the ballot and we can declare we are ready to take the responsibility of an incoming generation, we are ready to learn how to take those leadership roles, we can stand up for what we believe in, we can make things happen, we can free ourselves from the turmoil and strife that we face and above all, declare that tomorrow is well and fine, but to provide a better tomorrow you have to take action today, so declare it is our time now.

We can do this. Make that commitment today, build a better tomorrow today, and I can promise that if I start my tenure as Youth Mayor on Monday morning, we can get to work, start building a better future, start tackling those issues and unite together on the other side as a better generation, a better community and an improved city.

Let’s improve Washington together. Thank you so much.

Results for the 2009 Youth Mayoral Election will be released on Friday, August 7, 2009 at the MYLI 30th Anniversary “Honoring Our Heroes” banquet.

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Markus Batchelor Declares “It is Our Time Now”

     Today, in a speech to the members of the Mayor’s Youth Leadership Institute, Markus Batchelor gave an overview of his campaign and gave the people gathered a vision of a better tomorrow.

In one week, in thid 30th year of the Mayor’s Youth Leadership Institute, you, the youth leaders, will choose the next youth mayor of the District of Columbia.  The members of MYLI have a destinct priviledge and obligation to take charge of what they want this program and this to be.

The Youth Mayor is not only a figure head, not only a leader within this program, but a liason, a representative of the youth of Washington, being a voice of the leaders of tomorrow, making our opinions and feelings known to the leaders of today.

Washington D.C. is the center of moder democracy, in encapsulates America’s history, it is a cultural melting pot. Many all over the country and the world look to Washington in times of celebration and for guidance in time of crisis. Some of the greatest men and women who ever lived walked the same streets we walk today. This city is a world stage. But, Washington is more than that. It is also our home. Where we go to school, go to work, hang with our friends.

Despite that, we long for so many things in this day and time. Less crime, better education, more opportunities  at success, cleaner streets, decreased poverty, an end to the spread of HIV/AIDS in this city, a greener planet sustainable for life thousands of years after we leave it.

The problems we face, as we all know, are not the fault of our generation alone. The generation before us, and the generation before them, and so forth, are the bearers of the burden. But, when those generations perish, the problems will survive, to live with us as a reminder that what we do today will surely follow us into tomorrow.

But I truly believe that this generation of youth leaders, this generation of DC youth can put an end to the problems that have faced us for so long.  We have talents, we have the skills and we have the motivation to learn together how to tackle those issues, make our voices heard and make this city what it should truly be.

That’s what this election is about. That’s what this campaign is about. That’s what this past 30 years has been about. Our voices-being heard. Our ideas- turned into action. Our city- becoming a better city than out parents had.

This is our fervent belief, our determined hoal and our deepest hope.  We are the ones who will either make or breakthe future we desire to have. A wise man once said “Change will not come if we waitfor some other person or some other time. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. We are the change that we seek”.

We can move forward, we can progress. In one week, we can make a committment to ourselves and to each other that we are better than the issues we face, we deserve more from this city and that we will strive to have that realized.

It is our time to stand up, it is our time to make progress,  it is our time to have our voices heard and our deepest dreams of a better city realized. It is our time to move forward together. We can’t wait another minute, we can’t wait another second and we surely can’t wait another year. It is our time now. Thank you.

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Campaign Team Wanted: Our Time Now

     The Markus Batchelor 2009 Campaign is looking for dedicated and inspired MYLI participants to serve on a board of advisors to the 2009 Campaign for Youth Mayor.

     As a campaign advisor, members would assist Markus in planning campaign events, constructing speeches and helping in making rally signs and other campaign materials. Wanna be a member? Email us at and Declare to DC Youth is is OUR TIME NOW

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Markus Sends Best Wishes on Independence Day

     On this special day when we celebrate the spirit of the American nation, the pioneers who made it successful, the culture it exhibits, the principals it stands for and the people who inhabit it, I wish you and yours a Independence day full of celebration for the creation of our nation, and those who have and still do call her home.

     Undoubtedly, the United States of America can be dubbed the greatest country on the face of the planet. Its influence in its uniquely short, 233 year old history has been fueled by the determination and perserverence of everyday American citizens such as you and I, who thought it not a loss to put forth their efforts and talents to make sure the country prospered.

     In the signifigance of this special day, let us remember that the perseverence and determination that keeps this country thriving today, must live on through our generation and generations to come. It is our duty and our obligation at this moment in our history, on this day, in observance of the 233 years past and the many more we look optimisticaly to in the future, to realize and grasp the concept that our time has come, our time is now and inactivity is no longer an option.

     This is our call to action and this holiday only exemplifies the need for pioneers in our time as the ones who sat and considered the terms of our independence 233 years ago not too far from this city in 1776.

Have a Wonderful Holiday Weekend,

Markus Batchelor

     Today, Markus Batchelor announced his campaign for Youth Mayor of the District of Columbia, the only competitor of incumbant Youth Mayor Kanesha Overton. He explained his plans to prepare the youth of Washington D.C. to take the reigns from the previous generation, an event which is not too far in the future.

     Markus also spoke of the urgency of being prepared “to make this country and city a better place than our parents and grandparents lived in, and also a better place for our children to live in”. Markus also said he looked forward to interacting and meeting with all the youth leaders of MYLI in the weeks to come, a goal that he also has as he moves forward in his campaign and to the office of Youth Mayor

     Today, the Markus Batchelor 2009 Campaign made the first step toward gaining the seat of Youth Mayor in 2009. The campaign secured all 50 signatures needed on a petition, guaranteeing the admittance of Markus Batchelor’s name on the 2009 ballot on election day, August 5th.

     Tomorrow, Markus plans to speak to the members of MYLI and officially announce his candidacy for Youth Mayor along with introducing himself to new voters.

     Hello, and welcome to the official website of the Markus 2009 Campaign for Washington, D.C. Youth Mayor. We would like to welcome you to the website that will bring you up-to-the-minute updates, news and issues from the campaign and the youth mayoral race as a whole in 2009. This summer, this website will be the online home of the campaign, tracking Markus from the begginning of the campaign, and hopefully to the seat of Youth Mayor when election day comes. Thank you very much for visiting the site, and good luck the campaign.

The Markus Batchelor Campaign