Posted by: admin | July 4, 2009

Markus Sends Best Wishes on Independence Day

     On this special day when we celebrate the spirit of the American nation, the pioneers who made it successful, the culture it exhibits, the principals it stands for and the people who inhabit it, I wish you and yours a Independence day full of celebration for the creation of our nation, and those who have and still do call her home.

     Undoubtedly, the United States of America can be dubbed the greatest country on the face of the planet. Its influence in its uniquely short, 233 year old history has been fueled by the determination and perserverence of everyday American citizens such as you and I, who thought it not a loss to put forth their efforts and talents to make sure the country prospered.

     In the signifigance of this special day, let us remember that the perseverence and determination that keeps this country thriving today, must live on through our generation and generations to come. It is our duty and our obligation at this moment in our history, on this day, in observance of the 233 years past and the many more we look optimisticaly to in the future, to realize and grasp the concept that our time has come, our time is now and inactivity is no longer an option.

     This is our call to action and this holiday only exemplifies the need for pioneers in our time as the ones who sat and considered the terms of our independence 233 years ago not too far from this city in 1776.

Have a Wonderful Holiday Weekend,

Markus Batchelor


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