About MYLI


      Youth Cabinet of the District of Columbia after being sworn in at the Wilson Building in January 2009

     The Mayor’s Youth Leadership Institute (MYLI) was founded in 1979 as a year-round program to train District of Columbia youth in the concepts of leadership and self-development. The MYLI training model emphasizes practical, hands-on experience and a holistic approach to developing leaders for the 21st century. Each year, 250 young people participate in the year-round program and 500 youth participate in the Summer Training Program. Thousands of DC youth have received leadership training to date.

     Members of the Institute come from a wide cross-section of ethnic, cultural, and economic backgrounds, reflective of the general population of the city. Leadership development training begins for members of the Institute at age 14, and generally concludes at age 17, when they are ready for college or other post-secondary opportunities. The Institute is strongly supported by its Alumni Association, an auxiliary group which meets regularly to generate support for the Institute.

Youth leaders are active in a variety of programs and special projects that allow them to demonstrate their acquired skills. These activities include:


  • MYLI Youth Government – a replication of the District government
  • Overnight residential training on local college campuses and local camp sites
  • Serving as hosts to youth visiting the Nation’s Capital from cities across the US and from countries around the world.
  • Developing and publishing a MYLI newsletter
  • Hosting an annual public speaking competition for youth
  • Hosting an annual Community Awards Banquet
  • Performing community service work
  • Sponsoring issues forums with local government officials and prominent industry professionals
For more information about the Mayor’s Youth Leadership Institute please contact:
DC Department of Employment Services
Office of Youth Programs
609 H Street, NE
Washington, DC 20002
(202) 698-3991
Courtesy of the DC Department of Employment Services


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